Poll: 50% of Republicans want GOP to oppose Biden ‘as much as possible’


Republican voters are split on whether they want their party leaders in Washington to work with President-elect Joseph R. Biden.

A CBS News poll conducted with YouGov published Sunday shows that 50% of GOP voters want congressional Republicans to find common ground with Mr. Biden and 50% want party leaders to oppose him “as much as possible.”

The poll was more positive for Mr. Biden when it came to the coronavirus pandemic, with the majority of people surveyed saying they believe he will improve the response to the outbreak.

Fifty-one percent of people said the pandemic will get better, while 22% said it would get worse. The remainder said the outbreak would not change.

A plurality of Americans said the economy would improve (44%), as will race relations (43%) and respect for the nation internationally (48%) under Mr. Biden.

The poll also shows that 71% of people said democracy in America is under threat, while 29% believe it is secure.

The survey was conducted with 2,166 U.S. residents Jan. 13-16. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

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