House intelligence committee: Whistleblower complaint goes beyond transcript, provides new leads

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House intelligence committee members got their first look Wednesday at the whistleblower report that spurred the impeachment investigation of President Trump and reaction broke along party lines.

Chairman Adam Schiff said the complaint exposed a “serious wrongdoing.”

“I found the allegations deeply disturbing. I also found them very credible,” he said.

Intelligence committee members remained mum on details about what they read in the whistleblower complaint, which remains behind closed doors, but Rep. Eric Swalwell said it gave them new leads and witnesses to pursue.

The whistleblower complaint is reportedly tied to allegations that President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate the business dealings of Democratic frontrunner Joseph R. Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

President Trump released on Wednesday a transcript of his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, where he did bring up Mr. Biden, but did not mention military aid — with Democrats claiming vindication and Republicans arguing innocence.

The allegations sparked a tidal wave of longtime impeachment holdouts to come forward and prompted Mrs. Pelosi to launch an official impeachment investigation.

Members would not confirm if the complaint was actually connected to the allegations regarding Ukraine, though it appeared to fail to move the needle on how members viewed the situation.

Democrats said it only reaffirmed their position to have an impeachment inquiry.

“It reinforced our concerns,” Illinois Democrat Rep. Mike Quigley said, describing it as “disturbing” and “alarming.”

Republicans, however, did not express serious concern.

GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe said the complaint raised questions and included information beyond the transcript, but said it “absolutely” did not change his mind on impeachment.

Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire is expected to testify before the committee on Thursday, and lawmakers are trying to secure a closed-door testimony from the whistleblower this week as well.

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