‘You Have To Know Whose You Are’



Actress Candace Cameron Bure has some powerful advice when it comes to purpose and identity: Root yourself in God and truth.

The “Fuller House” and “Finding Normal” star recently appeared on “The Lucas Miles Show,” where she spoke about the importance of defining both self and purpose.

The actress encouraged people to remember that the world’s standards might differ from your own.

“The truth is, you have to know who you are. You have to know whose you are,” she said.

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“You have to know that before you walk out into the world, because the world is going to try to tell you what it thinks you should be.”

Watch Bure speak about purpose and truth around the 15-minute mark:

Bure said she believes each person must ask important questions of him or herself, including, “What’s your ‘Why?’” and “What’s the purpose?” when it comes to one’s motivation in life.

“When I think of my purpose, I’m thinking about my life purpose. My life purpose as a Christian is to glorify God in all I do,” she said to rousing applause.

And she wasn’t done there, as she went on to emphasize the importance of “purpose.”

“I wasn’t put on the earth to be the best actress I can be,” Bure continued.

“My purpose is to glorify God, but God gave me a talent and I get to use those talents … to produce content that can turn back and glorify God.”

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Knowing purpose, the actress said, can help people set boundaries.

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