Trump Has ‘Right to All Available Legal Challenges and Remedies’


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) has stated that while the state is “still counting the votes,” President Donald Trump “has the right to all available legal challenges and remedies” regarding election interference or voter fraud.

“In Arizona, we are still counting the votes, with roughly 75,000 to 80,000 left,” Ducey wrote in a series of tweets. “Our expectation is that we finish counting.”

“We’ve been through this drill before in Arizona,” Ducey noted. “Making it easy to vote and hard to cheat has also resulted in time consuming efforts to ensure the integrity of our elections. We’ve already seen the outcome of races change to a dramatic degree, and some results remain unclear.”

Ducey concluded the social media statement by reiterating that Trump “has the right to all available legal challenges and remedies.”

“The President, just like any other candidate, has the right to all available legal challenges and remedies, and we are confident they will be properly adjudicated,” Ducey stated. “We will respect the election results.”

Last week, as doubt was placed heavily on the integrity of the presidential election, Ducey defended Arizona’s election process, saying in a tweet that the only votes counted are those that are “received up until Election Day.”

“In Arizona, we count votes received up until Election Day. That’s it,” Ducey wrote. “No judges have intervened, and no last-minute changes have been enacted. We’re following established Arizona election law to the letter.”

Over the weekend, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) called on Ducey to “investigate the accuracy and reliability of the Dominion ballot software” after reports of glitches in other states that are using the same software, such as Michigan.

“I am calling on @dougducey to call a special session of the AZ Legislature under Article IV of our state constitution to investigate the accuracy and reliability of the Dominion ballot software and its impact on our general election,” Gosar wrote in a tweet.

“No election results should be certified until a complete audit of the Dominion machine tallies is made,” Gosar added.

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