Judge works through challenged ballots as Democratic camp adds 6th attorney


I’ll tell you up front that I don’t have an updated tally based on the last three days of reviewing ballots. Judge DelConte is keeping that tally but it hasn’t been released to anyone and probably won’t be this week. What we do know is that the judge is continuing to plow through thousands of disputed ballots one at a time.

On Tuesday, Judge Scott DelConte reviewed 400 ballots coming from Broome County and will continue with Oneida County on Wednesday, deciding which will ultimately count in the final vote total. Right now, the candidates are separated by just 29 votes.

Much of the action yesterday surrounded questions about signatures on ballots:

Democrat Anthony Brindisi also added another high-profile lawyer to his team yesterday, his 6th lawyer:

After that, the ballot by ballot counting continued:

Meanwhile in Washington, the office for the eventual winner of NY-22 stands empty:

This morning the counting resumed with a focus on the disputed ballots from Oneida County:

Votes that the judge finds don’t stand up to scrutiny are removed from the total. Both sides are losing some of these so it’s not clear where the total stands.

At one point, Claudia Tenney (or someone running her social media account) criticized the coverage:

That’s about as dramatic as things have gotten in the past couple days. The plan is to have all the ballots from Oneida County reviewed by Thursday. Friday the judge will hear legal arguments from both sides. Those arguments will play a role in determining which ballots are added or subtracted from the unofficial total. Then next week those ballots will be reviewed and added to the count by the County Boards of Election. If everything stays on schedule we should have an official winner by Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

However, I’m certain both camps are keeping a careful tally of the vote changes as they happen so we could get another leak about who is in the lead tomorrow or Friday. After the debacle in Georgia last night I’m really hoping the GOP can hold on to this one.

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