Investigating an incoming president-elect is a degredation of democracy, or something


MSNBC morphed so slowly into the Comedy Channel that I barely noticed the change. “Is this what we’re going to sit through for the next four years,” Joy Reid asks, “Republicans just doing investigations and refusing to legislate?” She poses that question to the man who spent the last four years doing nothing but investigations — and lying about them, too, as the Mueller probe made clear.

Suddenly, though, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sees investigations into inbound presidents-elect as “tearing down our democracy.” Any effort to “delegitimize” a new president is now something that the House needs to “overcome.”

YGBFKM (via Twitchy):

At one point, Schiff says, “That’s been the story of the last four years,” in a different context. However, it’s more accurate in this context, and Schiff was among the worst offenders. Schiff went full-out on McCarthyism regarding his claims of having solid evidence of Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in 2016, only to spend the next year after Robert Mueller came up empty trying to hide the evidence that showed Schiff had knowingly lied all along. He’s literally the last member of Congress with any standing to complain about investigating incoming presidents and “delegitimizing” them.

A real journalist might have asked Schiff about the precedents he himself set in this regard. One has to conclude that’s the reason he’s appearing on Reid’s show.

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